SWAN INCOME TAX Family Owned and Operated. Proudly Serving the Metro Detroit Area Since 1976.
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Professional Services at Do It Yourself Pricing

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Swan Income Tax Serving Metro Detroit Area

Preparing income taxes in the Detroit metro area since 1976, Swan Income Tax is a family owned and operated business. We pride ourselves on providing our clients with sound tax solutions, building long-standing personal relationships and offering you the most affordable tax preparation in the Detroit area.

Our pricing is typically less than 50% of the national average, for standard tax preparation, and is comparable with most Do It Yourself software programs -- however -- most tax software in a box won't answer your questions regarding future tax planning (withholding, children, day care, school, marriage, retirement, tax implication of various investments, etc.)

At Swan, we can personally answer and address all of your tax questions, affordably and professionally.